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Venture Grinding specializes in CNC cylindrical OD/ID grinding, we can deliver complex, high tolerance parts at a competitive pricing. Our advanced CNC grinding machine tools provide Venture Grinding with the capability to finish components in one operation. It also makes it possible to achieve close tolerances, accurate grinding and total control of front and back end operations. We service both external and Internal grinding applications. 

Grinding Machine Shop

  • Up to 10" Diameter and 36" Legnth on OD Grinding
  • Up to 6" Diameter and 8" Depth on ID Grinding
  • Universal Full B Axis Allowing Finished Jobs In One Operation
  • Rotary Disc Dressing
  • Gauging - In Process Measurement and Probing
  • Multiple Wheel Combinations
  • Paper and Magnetic Filtration for Superior Surface Finishes 
  • Oil and Coolant Filtration Systems
  • Experience Trained Staff
  • Prompt Service Fast Delivery

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About Venture Grinding 

Venture Grinding, located just near Cleveland, Ohio, utilizes the most advanced CNC grinding equipment available today. Whether you need a high-volume or small lot of complex parts, our cylindrical OD ID machine shop can provide superb quality, fast grinding service and competitive pricing.

Cylindrical Grinding OD ID Precision Machine Shop

VENTURE GRINDING, INC                      

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Oakwood Village, Ohio 44146               

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Experts - Grinding Service Shop

Industries We Serve :

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Firearms 
  • Racing/Automotive
  • Many More