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Welcome to Venture Grinding
The Venture Grinding Company, located just near Cleveland, Ohio, utilizes the most advanced CNC grinding equipment available today. If your product requires complex, multi-task grinding and finishing operations with CNC precision, you’re contacting the right company.

cylindrical grinding service

Whether you need a high-volume or small lot of complex parts, Venture Grinding can provide superb quality, fast service and competitive pricing.

Cylindrical Grinding Service

We specialize in CNC cylindrical OD/ID grinding, we can deliver complex, high tolerance parts at a competitive price from two pieces to 10,000.

precision grinder

Our CNC OD/ID grinding capabilities are 14 inches in diameter and 30 inches in length.


At Venture Grinding, we complete your parts.


 :: Closer Tolerances :: Tighter Concentricity :: Precision Finishing ::

venture grinding

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CNC Grinding OD/ID Equipment

At Venture Grinding, we invest in leading-edge CNC cylindrical grinding equipment. The combination of the right equipment and our unique expertise allows our shop to deliver superior parts featuring tighter tolerances and concentricity and CNC precision finishing.
Studer S 20 CNC
Studer S 31 CNC
Studer S 35 CNC
Studer S 36 CNC
Schneeberger Gemini
CNC Tool & Cutter Grinding

Tool and Cutter Grinding

Our CNC tool and cutter grinding service capabilities are 2 inch shank diameter and 10 inch arbor grinding.

speciality tooling

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